Ask The Builder

AdSense Success Story Meets Major Challenges, Joins Ezoic


Background was launched in October 1995 by award-winning builder, Tim Carter. It remains the oldest, and longest-lasting, first-person home improvement site on the Internet.

In 2004, Carter began using Google AdSense to monetize his site. Within a few years, Carter was generating mid-six-figure revenue from Google and became a famous AdSense revenue success story.

Unfortunately, AskTheBuilder was badyly affected by the historic Google Panda search algorithm update (2011). lost 95% of its traffic overnight.

Following this event, Carter began diligently working to repair his site’s traffic and revenue. That long journey eventually led him to Ezoic.


In January 2017, Carter began using Ezoic to help streamline the monetization of his site, alongside a more data-driven approach to enhancing visitor experiences.

Carter saw his website revenue increase by 300% in the following months. Ezoic helped Carter significantly increase his revenue per vistior while improving objective user experience metrics, like decreasing bounce rate by 28% and improving average session duration by more than 45 seconds.

Ezoic also helped streamline a content revision project that saw Carter recover some of his lost traffic from years past, which led to over 1,000 new keywords ranking in search engines in less than one year.

“The biggest mistake I made was sitting on the fence and not turning on Ezoic sooner,” said Carter. “That judgment error cost me no less than $70,000.”