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Site’s revenue increases by 100% and EPMV by27%



Owuraku Kusi-Yeboah, or Kuu, began right as the COVID pandemic began in March 2020. Kuu watched many different YouTube videos to learn how to develop a website, overcome hosting and WordPress issues, and include ads on the website.

To monetize the website, Kuu first used Amazon and Awin, but wanted to find more ways to increase the site’s revenue. That is when Kuu learned about Ezoic.

Kuu integrated with Ezoic in June 2021. Within one month, the site’s revenue increased by 78% and within two months, it had increased by 100%.’s EPMV also increased. From month one to month two with Ezoic, the site’s EPMV increased by 27%. has also received a steady growth in traffic, and Kuu has proudly been able to increase visits by 45%.

Additionally, Kuu enjoys Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics and uses the data to make more informed decisions on creating content; by analyzing how content is performing, Kuu can create similar content in the future and improve the site’s revenue.

In the future, Kuu plans to build a few more sites and monetize them with Ezoic.

“Joining Ezoic has been the best decision I have ever made. Their support team is awesome and my revenue has doubled.”

-Owuraku Kusi-Yeboah,